CBD farm: what to watch out for?

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Introduction to CBD Farm Management

What does it take to have a good quality product? The answer seems obvious: good quality raw materials! Whether it is the oils, the flowers, the creams or any other CBD derivative, its quality will depend on everything that has been done before and on the quality and health of the cannabis plant. This explains why in Switzerland, producers have chosen either to grow their own hemp or to partner with experienced farmers in order to produce it in good conditions.


How to recognize a good grower

For several years, the number of hemp producers has been constantly changing, going up and down depending on the period. So we went from about 500 legal growers in 2018 to 665 in 2018, before slowly seeing that number decrease. But even more important to note is the difference between 2018 and 2017, which at that time had only 5 legal hemp producers! A relaxation of federal regulations gives us a clue as to the reasons for this explosion of producers. But compared to France and its many hectares of cultivated hemp, it seems obvious that there is still work to do to catch up.

But where we can be proud, is that we compensate our lower quantities with better quality! The Swiss legislation allowing products up to 1% THC, the quality but also the virtues of cannabis are much better exploited.


cannabis indoor


Different ways to grow cannabis

There are generally 3 different ways to grow cannabis. That's why, in principle, CBD producers offer 3 types: outdoor, indoor and greenhouse grown flowers. In most of Switzerland, you will find cannabis products grown in one of these methods.


Greenhouse CBD culture (glasshouse)

The Greenhouse cultivation method consists in growing CBD plants under glass. This allows to have a control on the environment of the plant, and to be able to manage its time spent in the sun, the ambient temperature, the ventilation, etc... This method also allows, just like for the culture in inside, to protect the plant from the insects as well as from the sometimes capricious weather. Because of this not too expensive method, its price is generally in the average. 


Outdoor CBD culture (in the open air)

This method is the least expensive of the 3. It does not require much equipment, and without fans and heat lamps, the electricity bill for the grower is greatly reduced. These plants benefit directly from the sunlight and weather conditions of their environment. This can be both a strength and a weakness. Indeed, if the weather is not kind, the conditions in which the plant will grow will be more difficult and this will affect the quality of the final product. But if Mother Nature is on our side, it can give very good quality flowers, and we can even have very good surprises if the conditions are really perfect.

The Valais is an extremely well situated canton for the culture of the cannabis. With its warm and mild climate, its pure air and the fresh water full of minerals coming straight from the glaciers, these conditions promise to give a final product of very good quality! And if the plant is cultivated in permaculture without insecticides or chemical fertilizers, the taste will be even better.


main avec plante de CBD

Indoor CBD culture (inside a hall)

The indoor culture allows to have a total control on the conditions of growth of the plant. The precise follow-up of which it is the object allows him to grow in the best possible conditions, the whole while limiting the external risks, and that much more than during a culture under greenhouse.

Heat lamps, fans, ventilation, room temperature and watering: everything is controlled and meticulously calculated so that the plant can use its capacities to the fullest and thus produce a high quality product. But of course quality has a price, as does the maintenance and consumption of all these devices. Therefore, this is the most expensive method and the price of the final product will be the highest.

If you are interested in the different types of crops and want to learn more, we have written a more detailed article on this subject on our blog.



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