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Well-being Premium Pack

CHF129.90 CHF179.90

- 1x CBD-Oil « Chill Oil » 5%

- 1x CBD-Oil « Chill Oil » 20%

- 1x CBD-Hemptea

- 1x « CBD Face & Body » cream

- 2x « CBD Lip Balm » sticks

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Premium Smoker Pack

CHF129.90 CHF169.90

- 5g CBD « Walliser Blaze » (limited edition)

- 10g CBD « Chill Berry »

- 5.5g CBD « American Blaze »

- 6x Blunts (honey, blueberry, watermelon)

- 6x B-Chill rolling papers

- 1x metal grinder

- 1x lighter with a flash light

- 1x gold rolling papers...

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Standard Smoker Pack

CHF49.90 CHF69.90

- 5g CBD « Walliser Blaze » (limited edition)

- 4.20g CBD « Chill Berry »

- 3x B-Chill Rolling Papers

- 1x metal grinder

- 1x lighter with a flash light

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CBD Lip Balm

CHF7.90 -10%

- Protection for the lips

- Swiss made and hand crafted

- Taste : Strawberry

- Organic

- Paraben- und Sulfatfree

- 5ml / 5mg de CBD

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Walliser Blaze

CHF30.00 -5%

Here is our new CBD strain from Valais (Switzerland). It was treated with a lot of love and enjoyed ideal conditions. This legal cannabis strain contains a CBD level between 12 and 16%. Its fruity smell is reminiscent of a mango and its taste is very intense.

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Chill Berry 10g

CHF39.00 -10%

Nurtured by the sun of the Valais and the water coming directly from our glaciers, the Chill Berry has grown in the heart of the Valais (Switzerland) under ideal conditions. This legal cannabis strain contains a CBD level between 10 and 14%. Its fruity and sweet smell evokes the taste of berries: perfect as a dessert spliff..

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Chill Oil CBD 5%


CBD Chill Oil, made with organic cannabis and organic olive oil.

- Full spectrum (no isolates)

- Organic (no insecticides, chemicals, additives, ...)

- 100% swiss...

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American Blaze 2g

CHF20.00 -5%

Planted in the United States and refined in the Valais, the American Blaze is the launching sort of B-Chill. It is of excellent quality thanks to its high percentage of cannabidiol (CBD) and terpenes, it has a fruity smell and offers an authentic flavor.

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B-Chill lighter

CHF2.50 -20%

The B-Chill lighter, essential to light your spliffs while being chill! Practical and efficient, it is also equipped with a small flashlight. Push the button to light the flash light and roll your spliff, even in the dark!

B-Chill Grinder


The essential tool to crush your weed without effort! Simple and efficient, our grinder allows you to grind cannabis in an ideal way. It consists of three chambers to collect as much pollen as possible.

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Retro Spliff Holder

CHF5.00 -20%

Thanks to its small size, this retro cigarette holder is very practical. You can put it your pocket to have it always with you.

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The Amercian Blaze Pack


All you need to be chill:

  • 1x Pack of American Blaze 5.5g
  • 1x B-Chill grinder
  • 2x B-Chill lighters
  • 5x B-Chill stickers
  • 2x Packs of B-Chill Rolling Papers

All this for an unbeatable price of CHF 60.-. Take advantage of this offer without hesitation and share it with your friends.