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Full Spectrum CBD Oil 20%


For the sake of our environment, our Full Spectrum CBD oil (2000ml) comes from hemp flowers that have been grown in permaculture. In order to obtain an ideal absorption of the different cannabinoids, it was mixed with organic MCT oil. In addition, the entourage effect is...

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 5%


For the sake of our environment, our Full Spectrum CBD oil (500mg) comes from hemp flowers that have been grown in permaculture. In order to obtain an ideal absorption of the different cannabinoids, it was mixed with organic MCT oil. In addition, the entourage effect is...

B-Chill CBD Animal Oil


  • CBD: 4%
  • Content: 10ml
  • Full spectrum (no isolates)
  • 100% Swiss made
  • No feeling of drunkenness
  • Can help against various diseases (chronic / acute)
  • ...

Collagen Hemp Cream


Our Collagen Hemp Cream is a face cream hand made in Switzerland with tons of love and lots of amazing natural ingredients. Collagen is known for giving firmness and youth to the skin. Everybody has naturally collagen in the body, but after 20 years it starts to decline, and the skin becomes more fragile. This cream also contains...

CBD Massage Oil


Here is our CBD Massage Oil !

It was handcrafted in Switzerland, with premium organic ingredients. It will allow you to make pleasant massages, in order to relax as much as possible the person who gets the massage. This oil will leave a slight citrus scent on the skin. A bottle contains 50ml of oil, you just need to put a few drops in...

CBD Erotic Oil


Here is our CBD erotic oil !

It can be used for sensual massages or as a lubricant during sex between two people. The CBD Erotic Oil is made from natural hemp. It is made for both genders. When used, it conveys a pleasant feeling of warmth, a long-lasting sliding effect and promotes blood circulation. You also benefit from the...

CBD Hemp Tea


  • 13g per bag
  • Grown in permaculture in the Valais, Switzerland
  • Legal in Switzerland and in Europe
  • CBD : < 10%
  • THC : < 0.2%

  • Reduced price

CBD Gold Package B-Chill

CHF259.90 CHF339.10

Would you like to try 4 of the best B-Chill CBD strains and benefit from an attractive price? Then the CBD Gold Package is what you need right now !

The delicious Tropical, the sweet Royal Candy, the amazing Blueberry MG...

  • Reduced price

Maxi CBD Discovery Package...

CHF189.90 CHF229.10

The Maxi CBD Discovery Package is a selection of 6 different B-Chill CBD varieties. More than 30 grams of cannabis, there is something for every taste !

Try these delicious cannabis strains, which were planted in...

  • Reduced price

Tropical CBD Package B-Chill

CHF186.75 CHF249.00

You’re in love with our Tropical, but 3 grams aren’t enough for you? Then the Tropical CBD Pack is exactly what you need !

30 grams of our delicious Tropical, which was grown with so much love and is full of exotic freshness... there is nothing better to chill !

Benefit from the attractive price to fill up the stock of your favorite variety and...

  • Reduced price

CBD Deluxe Package B-Chill

CHF169.90 CHF207.00

The CBD Deluxe Package offers you 2 packs of Blueberry MG 7g, 2 packs of Walliser Diesel 6g and 1 pack of Tropical 3g at an attractive price !

+ 1x B-Chill lighter with bottle opener

Benefit from nearly 20% discount on your 3 favorite strains with intense flavors !

  • Reduced price

Mini CBD Discovery Package...

CHF99.90 CHF129.60

The Mini CBD Discovery Package is a selection of B-chill’s CBD strains !

You’ll have our cannabis grown in the Valais (Switzerland) in a single package, and of course at a great price !

  • Reduced price

Premium CBD Discovery...

CHF159.90 CHF198.50

Are you fed up with lower quality CBDs that are way too expensive? We offer you the Premium CBD Discovery Package !

This package consists of a selection of the best legal cannabis strains of B-Chill. Enjoy these 5 varieties from our permaculture plantations...

Crystal Ice Rock Indoor CBD 3g


Discover our powerful Crystal Ice Rock, which is made from premium Harlequin indoor flowers !

To achieve their final asteroid shape, the flowers were dipped in CBD oil and wrapped in a pure CBD crystal layer !

Paradise Kush Indoor CBD 4.20g


If you like our Tropical, then you'll love our Paradise Kush CBD !

This legal cannabis strain takes you through an explosion of exotic flavors thanks to its very fruity terpenes and presents beautiful buds that have been carefully tended...

Tropical Indoor CBD 3g


The first B-Chill indoor variety is finally here and all we can say is    « quality at its finest » !

She comes from a cross between Cannatonic x G13 and is a hybrid variety with a ratio of 50% sativa and 50% indica. She's...

Mini-Flowers Swiss Cheese...


This strain will be soon sold out, so we decided to offer you packs of mini-flowers with 5g for the same price !

*** The flowers on the pictures are not mini-flowers ***

The Swiss Cheese is an indoor CBD variety that was specially selected for CBD connoisseurs !

Walliser Diesel MG CBD 6g


The Walliser Diesel MG is a variety that was grown in a greenhouse at an altitude of over 1000m in our Valais Alps. She comes from a cross between our great Walliser Blaze and a Sour Diesel !

She offers beautiful, compact buds and a natural earthy aroma with a slight hint of...

Purple Haze CBD 5g


The delicious Purple Haze CBD is now available in our online CBD store !

This legendary Sativa CBD strain offers beautiful big CBD flowers and a sweet berry aroma with a slightly creamy note !

The Purple Haze CBD is one of...

Royal Candy Indoor CBD 5g


The Royal Candy Indoor is one of our premium CBD varieties that grew in the heart of our beautiful Valais !

Thanks to her strong character, she has developed excellent terpenes and thus a very fruity / sweet aroma. She was...

Blueberry MG CBD 7g


The Blueberry MG is an excellent variety of legal cannabis (CBD) grown in a greenhouse at over 1200m above sea level. Her buds are extremely compact and perfectly manicured so that all consumers can benefit from perfect a quality !

Choco Loco MG CBD 10g


Discover the new delicious Choco Loco MG CBD in our online CBD shop !

This Cannabidiol sativa strain was praised by the famous Willy Wonka for its intense hazelnut nutella aroma !

The Choco Loco MG was grown in permaculture at an altitude of over 1300 meters and offers 15% CBD and 0.54% THC !

A CBD variety with an...