CBD as a gift for Christmas this year

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The holidays are approaching, and you still don't know what to give to your family or friends for christmas? Then read this article carefully, we'll give you some original CBD-based gift ideas to put in your Christmas presents !

Snow, Christmas markets, skiing and skating, raclette and mulled wine, the festive season is here. And like every year, the same question comes back to haunt you: what will I be able to give as gifts this year? It feels like we're going around in circles and giving the same things every Christmas. So why not try to play the originality card with CBD, which is increasingly in vogue? We're going to give you some details and suggest a few CBD-based items that could very well suit and please your loved ones.


The new delicious permaculture hemp teas

B-Chill's new black tea and fruit tea: An ideal gift for people who are new to the world of CBD or a little wary of it. In addition to being perfectly in tune with the season, our two tea choices allow you to choose the tea according to the person you want to give it to. Does your uncle get up very early every morning and often looks tired? The Morning Boost black tea should give him a boost at breakfast and give him all the energy he needs to get through a long day at work. Does your grandmother complain about having trouble sleeping? The Sweet Dreams red fruit tea will make her happy, allowing her to have a nice relaxing time in the evening before going to bed.


Gamme B-Chill CBD bien-être

The different CBD and collagen creams

How about a more cosmetic christmas gift? CBD creams are sure to please everyone. The CBD & Collagen Cream moisturises the face and increases the collagen content of the skin. Collagen is a natural substance that we all have in our bodies, known to give firmness to our skin. But after the age of 20 the collagen level in our body decreases. This cream will allow your family to regain some of their youth while taking care of their skin. There is also the Body Care CBD Cream, ideal for moisturising the body. This cream is also vegan, handmade without sulphates or parabens. If you would like to have a relaxing massage and a hot night, we recommend the CBD Massage Oil and the CBD Erotic Oil, which will surely make you and your partner happy.


Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum CBD Oils

If people you know are prone to stress and anxiety, or have severe muscle or joint pain that painkillers and other medications have trouble dealing with, then CBD oil is the gift that should relieve them of their problems! Several percentages of cannabidiol are available, 5%, 20% and 30%, so that everyone can find their ideal dosage according to the desired effect. But what about your big brother or sister who is very sporty and often has a lot of cramps and pain after their sports sessions? An oil with 15% CBD and without the slightest trace of THC also exists for them. 


Gamme B-Chill CBD fleurs à fumer

B-Chill Permaculture CBD Buds

And apart from that, are there any smokers in your family? If they have never tried CBD, this could be the perfect opportunity to introduce them to it! In addition to the much better taste of a regular cigarette, they will discover a whole new relaxing and wellness effect that will help them forget about industrial tobacco. And with the many varieties offered in the B-Chill online shop, there is something for everyone! It's the holiday season, so why not indulge in Paradise Kush? Or maybe a little sweetness would be better, like Choco Loco Bubble Gum? So check out www.b-chill.ch to see what flavour your loved ones might like and if you have any doubts, don't hesitate to contact us, we'll be happy to help and inform you. 


This year, Santa Claus is bringing green gold under your tree !



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