Snus Odens White Cold Dry Extreme

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The Odens White Cold Dry Extreme is a famous strain of ultra-strong snus!

It delivers a strong nicotine dose of 22mg/g and is one of the strongest snus on the market. This variety is flavored with spearmint and provides a refreshing and stimulating sensation. The Odens White Cold Dry Extreme contains super dry bags to prevent any outflow in the mouth. In addition, the can is ideal to take with you, in your jeans pocket or jacket.

Do not hesitate any longer and let yourself be enchanted by the extreme freshness!


  • Secure payement Secure payement
  • Discrete delivery Discrete delivery
  • Fast customer service Fast customer service
  • Odens White Cold Dry Extreme
  • Put snus under the upper lip
  • 10g tobacco in little bags
  • Aroma : Spearmint
  • 22mg/g nicotine
  • Extra dry
  • Extreme freshness

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