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B-Chill lighter

CHF2.50 -20%

The B-Chill lighter, essential to light your spliffs while being chill! Practical and efficient, it is also equipped with a small flashlight. Push the button to light the flash light and roll your spliff, even in the dark!

B-Chill Grinder


The essential tool to crush your weed without effort! Simple and efficient, our grinder allows you to grind cannabis in an ideal way. It consists of three chambers to collect as much pollen as possible.

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Retro Spliff Holder

CHF5.00 -20%

Thanks to its small size, this retro cigarette holder is very practical. You can put it your pocket to have it always with you.

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Big « Cannabis » Glass Bong...

CHF100.00 -60%

Big Glass Bong

-          Heigth : 38cm