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B-Chill CBD Discovery Package

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The B-Chill Discovery Package is a selection of B-chill’s CBD strains. You’ll have our best cannabis grown in the Valais (Switzerland) in a single package, and of course at a great price !


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The B-Chill Discovery Package is the best way of trying all of B-Chill’s strains at an attractive price. It contains:

  • 8g of Alpine Dream, our premium strain with 24% CBD
  • 5g of Walliser Blaze, a limited edition that’s definitely worth trying
  • 4.20g of Golden Haze, B-Chill’s new classic strain
  • 4.20g of Chill Bud, the chillest outdoor weed of the Valais

All of that for merely CHF 99.90!

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