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B-Chill Sunglasses


The B-Chill sunglasses are one of the indispensable accessories to chill comfortably this summer.

Thanks to the UV filter and the dark shade of the glasses, you can protect your eyes from the sun's rays while maintaining a clear view without distortion.

In addition, you can choose between red, white and black sunglasses.

All this at an unbeatable price...

B-Chill Hoody


There is nothing more chill and comfortable than the B-Chill Hoody !

Thanks to the kangaroo pocket, you can take everything you need with you. The hood is lined and fitted with a strap.

You’ll find the B-Chill logo in small on the front above the heart and in the back in large format.

All this at an unbeatable price !

B-Chill T-Shirt


It looks good and is super comfortable… here comes the B-Chill t-shirt !

It’s 100% made of cotton and has an inner neckband.

The B-Chill logo is in large format on the front of the t-shirt.

And of course, all this at an unbeatable price !