Fragola CBD 8g


The Fragola is one of our premium outdoor legal cannabis strains (CBD). It was grown in the heart of Valais (Switzerland) in permaculture to respect the nature and environment in which we work.

Thanks to the intense Valais sun and the fertile soil of our region, the Fragola has developed excellent terpenes and thus a very fruity-sweet aroma.

We have pampered it throughout its growth with our 100% natural homemade fertilizers. That's why she was able to reach her full potential and a value of 22% CBD.

Let yourself be enchanted by its charm and its incredible strawberry smell!

For each package sold, we spend 1.- for the legalization of cannabis!

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  • CBD : < 22%
  • THC : < 1%
  • Intense strawberry smell
  • This product is 100% legal in Switzerland and controlled by a laboratory accredited in Switzerland by the SAS. However, this product is not necessarily legal in other countries and should not be taken abroad. It is not recommended to drive after consuming Fragola, because despite its low THC it is possible to exceed the limit allowed for driving.

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